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Welcome to Metamob

At Metamob, we’re all about Digital. We’re a hybrid production studio blending core skills of design, animation and interactive development to meet tomorrow’s digital media requirements, today.
We occupy the space where digital media converges, delivering a full spectrum of media for single to multi-channel campaigns. Our work features anywhere you’ll see a screen: on TV, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop, Cinemas and Out of Home. You can watch it, play with it, read it, share it, interact with it, learn from it, buy and sell from it, or just be wowed by it.

Multi-Channel Digital Engagement

With our core of creative design and technical know-how, we have a wide range of digital design services to support single or multi-channel campaigns.
Need a TV commercial or web video, add a high end responsive website with bespoke CMS,  and a fresh mobile App? How about an Augmented Reality Experience to complete the set? Add social media links? No problem.

The Team

We’re a team of producers and creatives with a wealth of experience in digital development and production. With our roots firmly in design we have a passionate core of creativity and the traditional skills to convey powerful ideas. We wrap this in layers of technical know-how and top it off with our rock-solid experience and production expertise.

Amazing Work, Amazing Clients

Our goals are simple: to create great work for great clients. We’re certainly on track. Over the years we’ve enjoyed working with a wide variety of great clients, large and small, from agencies and institutions to global brands. We’ve produced all kinds of digital media for almost every platform and picked up a few awards on the way. Our work includes TV Commercials, Mobile Apps and Games, high-end Commercial Websites, Interactive Simulations and E-Learning, and Immersive Theatre.
Metamob showreel

Metamob showreel

Be Wiser Insurance – 30″ TVC

Be Wiser Insurance – 30″ TVC

New York Times 60″ TVC

New York Times 60″ TVC

"Great experience, leading to excellent results every time."

− Mark Drury – Principal Associate and Director at SPUD Group

".. a real passion for delivering the precise product that we needed to take our business forward.. and we are absolutely delighted with the end result."

− Jim Wicks – Managing Director, Primer Design Ltd

"Unbelievable guys, I think this is fantastic work."

− Simon Windsor – Lawton Communications Group

Process Makes Perfect

Like a skeletal structure under our body of creativity and innovation, we have a tried and trusted set of delivery processes honed by practice and experience. We’re great schedulers, we define before we design, we build in the right review processes and we deliver on time.

Let’s make something great!

If you’re looking for a proactive and friendly team with the knowledge and experience to make great things happen, get in touch to discuss your next campaign. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

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